Timber floor maintenance : Red birch wood floor.

Timber Floor Maintenance

timber floor maintenance

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  • The process of keeping something in good condition

  • means of maintenance of a family or group

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More history

More history

After the war the building was used as a Teachers Training College and then in 1952 purchased by the London County Council for ?67,500 for initially Honeywell Secondary Mixed School and then Spencer Park Comprehensive School for Boys. Subsequently the iron filler joist floor in many areas of the building weakened when the timber battens supporting the weak concrete infill began to give way. The school was forced out of the unsafe areas and eventually moved out to occupy the new LCC-designed school in the 1970’s. The Royal Victoria building, still the responsibility of the ILEA but with no budget for maintenance, fell into serious disrepair. Almost every one of the thousands of window panes were smashed and the building became home to thousands of pigeons. Vandals stole the lead finials, the ridges and valleys of the roofs, and lead sheet from the flat roofs and from the water tanks in the towers. Dry rot spread through the water-damaged floors, causing more of the fill to fall out and destroying the timber floors and the doorframes. Much of the roof structure was also damaged. It had been suggested that the building be pulled down to open up a vista for the flats of the Fitzhugh Estate. However after pressure from the Victorian Society and the Wandsworth Society, the building was listed Grade II and could therefore not be demolished in spite of its derelict condition. Thus it became something of a liability to ILEA – too big to mend and too important to demolish.

The building was offered for sale by the GLC in 1980. Several offers were received but all except one was subject to the cost of repair. Surveyors for Wandsworth Council estimated the cost of restoration to be approximately ?4 million and advised that the best economic use would be as a bird sanctuary. Eventually a lease was granted to Tuberg Property Company Ltd ( now South of the Border Holdings Ltd) with the right to acquire the freehold for ?1 subject to the performance of a schedule of repair and restoration works..

Maintenance Engineering Eyes Of A Child Christmas Giveaway

Maintenance Engineering Eyes Of A Child Christmas Giveaway

Maintenance Engineering 2010 Christmas project -- Eyes of a Child. The intent of the program was to give each employee $25 from Maintenance Engineering to be able to purchase and give a gift to a child whom they know who might not otherwise have the magic of Christmas. The program was fully funded by the company unless someone wants to purchase additional gift items above and beyond the $25.
This video shows the gifts being collected, loaded, and a whole truckload taken over to Nokomis Child Care Center and distributed to children with special needs.
Thanks to all who participated in this program!
Happy Holidays!

timber floor maintenance

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